New Patient Process

Become a new patient at Medical Transformation Center.

How Do I Make My First Appointment?

When you are ready to experience Medical Transformation Center’s life-changing approach to personalized cellular and regenerative medicine, your first step is to contact us or come in to our location at 13111 Eastpoint Park Blvd Louisville KY, 40223, Tuesday – Friday, from 8:30am to 5pm. After you’ve made initial contact with us, we will go over some targeted questions to determine if you’re a good candidate for our Personal Transformation Program or any other support and optimization procedures.

Do I Need to Become a Patient for IV or Emsella Procedures?

No! If you are interested in some of our support and optimization procedures like IV Nutrient Infusions and Emsella, you do not need to follow the new patient process! Simply follow the step above to get in touch, and after a few questions to make sure these procedures are right for you, you can make your first appointment. At the time of your procedure, we will do some vital and last-minute check-ins to make sure these procedures are safe for you that day, and then you can begin!

What Is the New Patient Process?

After Scheduling Your First Appointment

Once you discuss your needs and how MTC could best support you on your journey, if you are a good candidate for our Personal Transformation Program, we will schedule an introductory appointment. In the meantime, you’ll complete a series of new patient questionnaires via our Online Patient Portal or by mail. This will allow us to get an idea of where you are now, your history and your health goals and needs. Our Transformation Experts will review all this before you meet to begin your relationship as informed as possible.

Your First Visit

Your initial appointment will be with one of our nurse practitioners. Together, you will review the answers to our intake questions and go over some preliminary strategies based upon your responses and what comes up during this first visit. Afterward, we will order diagnostics and labs, many of which can be done in our center, to begin exploring some of the root causes for anything you may be experiencing, to understand any predispositions you may have, and to learn about ways to personalize our recommendations to you. On average, it takes about three or four weeks for your initial diagnostics and labs to come in, but this really depends on your unique situation and the tests that are ordered. During the interim, we offer targeted classes to assist you in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. We will also likely provide you with website links or access to other targeted information to facilitate your wellness education.

Your Second Visit

Once your results come in, you will have another appointment with one of our providers, laying out all the diagnostic information and a detailed analysis of your intake health questionnaire. You will discuss your feedback on the initial health and lifestyle recommendations the nurse practitioner gave you during the first visit. Taking into account all that and anything else that may come up during this second visit, you and the provider will engage in an investigative conversation to co-create your Personal Transformation Plan. This is akin to a comprehensive guide outlining your health status and custom wellness recommendations. Key components of your plan can include protocols addressing any underlying infections or toxicities, regenerative or peptide therapies, lifestyle changes, targeted dietary recommendations, pharmaceutical-grade vitamin and mineral supplements to address the nutritional deficiencies that affect quality of life and accelerate the aging process, a personally-tailored exercise program, referrals, a round of IV infusions, and other cutting-edge strategies.

Subsequent Visits

After the creation of your Personal Transformation Plan, we will work together in varying intervals, depending upon your health concerns and our suggestions. Over the course of the next several months, we will collaborate to really fine tune and tweak this plan, gathering new information diagnostically and via questioning when necessary, to help you find optimized health and reach your unique goals. As you evolve and grow, so will your Personal Transformation Plan. We can partner with you through your initial transformation, maintain contact via check-ins afterward, continue to create new plans as your health goals evolve, or remain partners indefinitely as we collaborate toward general optimization. It all depends on, well, you.

How is This Process Different From my Primary Care Physician?

Working with Medical Transformation Center will likely be different than any experience you’ve had before. It’s very important that you maintain your primary care or general practitioner relationship, as we work in tandem with them. We aren’t who you would call for an acute care need – for instance a cold, a fever, or other immediate concern.

What Is It Like to Work With MTC?

Collaborating with MTC requires a commitment to partnership — we partner with you to create your best health, but you must commit as well, because there will be work to do. There will likely be lifestyle and other changes — perhaps things you weren’t even expecting. But we have seen that when people lean in to collaborating with us, they can experience a transformation and even optimization beyond what they could envision.

How Much Contact Can I Expect to Have With the MTC Team?

During your Personal Transformation Process, we have many ways to stay connected. This can include regular check-ins with our providers, group education, coaching sessions, monthly educational series, cooking and lifestyle events, and more. We want to make sure that you become fully integrated into the MTC lifestyle so that you can achieve personal transformation.

Do I Have to Be a Patient for the STEMulation Procedure?

We require a person to have been working with us for at least three months prior to this procedure. They will go through the process outlined above to create and begin implementing a Personal Transformation Plan in order to get metabolically and generally optimized. This is to ensure the best possible outcome of the procedure. The goal is to get your stem cells at their healthiest, so that when our team extracts and transplants them, you have the highest chance of success. Without this preliminary optimization process, we would be harvesting your stem cells at below peak levels, thereby not giving your body its best opportunity to produce collagen and other components which allow you to regrow healthy, rejuvenated cells.

Becoming a New Patient

Here, our co-founder, Terri Paige, discusses what you can expect as you become a new patient with Medical Transformation Center!

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