Terri Paige

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

An entrepreneur at heart, Terri Paige has been the driving force behind multiple business ventures, including co-founding Medical Transformation Center with her husband of 40 years, Dr. Carl Paige. Terri is an excellent communicator, speaker, and motivational coach. She has dedicated much of her professional life to helping others live the best, most productive, and active lives possible for them.

The Western Kentucky native earned her BS in Accounting at the University of Kentucky in 1985. She began her career in corporate accounting and auditing as a retail accountant for Jerrico, then as an internal auditor and business manager for retail banking at PNC. These roles allowed Terri access to C-Suite executives and key customers, many of whom represented Fortune 1000 companies, helping to grow her business acumen. In 2011, she became an Arbonne representative, earning RVP status, putting her in the top 3% of the company.

Terri Paige cooking

Terri’s early career experiences laid a foundation for her work in health and medicine. She co-founded and ran a primary care medical practice in Kentucky with her husband for 23 years. In 2014, they opened Medical Transformation Center, which is focuses on the cellular medicine approach to health. As CEO of Medical Transformation Center, Terri is responsible for growing the practice and staying ahead of the curve with the latest medical technologies and business strategies. Under Terri’s leadership, MTC has become a regional hub of innovation, advancing optimal health through cellular medicine, and helping the body heal itself.

An active member of the health and wellness industry for more than three decades, Terri was an original member of the Coalition for Healthy Oldham County (KY) and named a Louisville Healthcare Fellow in 2015. This health technology leader is dedicated to learning about the newest breakthroughs to maximize energy, improve strength, treat and prevent disease, and extend health.

She is a Fellow of the International Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute and a regular speaker at Institute symposiums; a Certified Lifestyle Coach through the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in conjunction with the Metabolic Medical Institute; and a Certified Professional Performance Coach through SourcePoint Training.

In her spare time, Terri loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, creating delicious Paleo-Mediterranean dishes that anyone can enjoy. She loves dancing, reading real books – personal development, business strategy, and mysteries are her favorites – and spending free time with her family, including eight children and two grandchildren. This energetic, inspiring, multi-faceted entrepreneur likes exploring all life has to offer and savoring new experiences.

Best Doctor

"I am 32, I was a patient of Carl Paige most of my adolescence. He was even my children's doctor when born. If there was a human I wished lived forever. It would be him for sure, he is so great and caring. I wish he was still in family medicine, but also happy that this man has calmed his practice down. He was a very busy man, in some offices that he was in. It was almost impossible to get in to see him, because he was so busy. No other doctor measures up in my eyes."

Casandra Perkinson