EXION™ in Louisville, Kentucky

It's official - We have a new suite of innovative aesthetic procedures!

Here at MTC, we are all about supporting your body to heal and regenerate itself, from the subcellular level to the surface. That's our patients have access to the newest devices in cellular aesthetics and wellness.

Our revolutionary devices are all about giving you the best results without invasive, toxic or harmful mechanisms or downtime.

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EXION™ - Target Deep Layers of Your Skin without Pain

MTC is the only provider in the Louisville-area offering Exion™

EXION™ brings you the latest in fractional, monopolar radiofrequency, AI technology and microneedling to treat all skin types on your face and body!

This allows you to target deep layers of your skin without the pain and low-efficacy often associated with other treatments that have similar goals.

Treatments are fast and adapted even to very sensitive areas.

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All of the devices in our optimal aging lineup have incredible results on their own (shown above), which have been studied extensively.

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However, when paired with the full range of tools we have available at MTC, our optimal aging lineup of devices can figure into a POWERFUL plan to transform your body from the subcellular level to the surface - working with genetics, lifestyle, diet, peptides, stem cell therapies and more to regenerate your body.

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