It's time for the New You!

Tried other diets and lost weight, only to regain it again? Tired of magic bullet claims?

Never felt like you had the proper support to create a sustainable lifestyle shift?

Looking for more than just a one-size-fits-all method to shed pounds?

Let Medical Transformation Center be your guide on a physician-developed and fully-supported weight loss journey that leads to sustainable results.

The next cohort must be signed up by September 12th (September 5th for non-patients), and the start date is September 19th @ 6pm. Zoom information sessions @ 6pm EDT on August 23rd, 29th, 31st.

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Pillars V3

3-Month Program

  • Start Date – Sept 19th, End Date – Dec 19th
  • Initial Kick-Off Class with talks by Terri Paige (Lifestyle Coach, Co-Founder, CEO); Margie Odom (Emotional Eating Coach, Therapist, Author); and Dr. Carl Paige (MD, Co-Founder, CMO)
  • Initial IV Infusion for Weight Loss and Metabolism Boost
  • A Powerful Set of Customized Peptide Therapies (90-Day Supply + Syringes)
  • 90-Day Supply of Personally-Tailored Supplements Designed to Promote Improved Metabolism, Digestion, and Detoxification
  • (3) Medically-Supported Fast Kits
  • (1) 30-Days to Healthy Living Meal Kit
  • Weekly Sessions with Debbie Hannan, Personal Trainer with Experience Working with Diverse Body Types, Injuries and Needs
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Coaching (15 Minutes)
  • Monthly Group Meetings
  • 3 targeted group sessions with Emotional Eating Coach and Therapist Margie Odom, focusing on developing stress management, boundaries and other psycho-emotional education helpful in navigating lifestyle changes
  • Flexibility for Those Who Are Traveling (Zoom Recordings, Self-Reported Weigh-Ins with 15-Min Phone Consultations, Online Personal Training Sessions)
  • Initial Labs (if not already a patient)
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Extensive Workbook including Quick-Look Eating Facts Sheet, Menus, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists
  • Access to additional resources and recordings on selected topics, recipes, eating styles and more
  • An accountability partner (if desired)

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  • Small-Group Guided Wholefoods Trip to Learn Sustainable Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping Habits with the Opportunity to Ask Questions to Tailor the Experience to Your Needs and Preferences
  • Opportunities for Group Outings – Walks, Dinner, Coffee Talks and More
  • Margie Odom’s Book The Weigh Within: Healing Emotional Eating from the Inside Out
  • The Primal Blueprint Book
  • 10% off Regenavita and Other Products Sold In-office and in Our Online Store

Discounted Add-Ons

  • Free Consult with Margie Odom, Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist and Emotional Eating Coach, who will determine if her online The Weight WithinTM 12-Week Silver Course is a good fit for you. The course includes step-by-step instructions for replacing your emotional eating behaviors in addition to proactive and reactive self-care tools for binge prevention. Topics include: Creating a future self-vision, trauma and the nervous system, triggers and boundaries, stress and how to manage it, relationship skills, the inner critic, and body image.
  • EmSuite Devices – 25% off BTL packages for Regenerative Aesthetics and Wellness
  • Post-Program Maintenance Membership – $400-$800/month depending upon peptide regimen. Includes: Peptides, Weekly Weigh-ins + Coaching, 10% off Regenavita Products

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How it works

After signing up, our team will either schedule an appointment to do some basic labs and an initial check-up (included) if you aren’t an existing patient or review your chart, to ensure that this program will be safe for you. Once approved and you’ve made your deposit, we will order your personalized, targeted set of products. Your journey begins with a kick-off event, metabolism-boosting IV infusion and your first weigh-in! You’ll then start your first medically-supported fast! This will include regular meals and snacks as well as special supplements to facilitate fasting (without not eating), detoxing and the positive effects this can have on your body to jump-start weight loss and a physical (and mental) reset. Afterwards, you will enjoy our 3-month program plus bonuses (and maybe some add-ons too)!

Ready to shift your thinking and see that radiate out to all areas of your life?

For more information and to reserve your place, please contact our office at 502-443-9962, stop by during Office Hours (Tuesday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM) or use our contact form!

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