At Medical Transformation Center, protecting your health is too important to leave to chance.

Our specialized, integrative approach means we monitor your body’s most important functions and indicators more frequently and in more depth than most practitioners. We’re not simply seeking to discover and treat existing illnesses and conditions, though we do that too. We are above all hoping to diagnose illnesses and conditions before they manifest into serious concerns.

As a cutting-edge personalized cellular and regenerative medicine practice, we pride ourselves on providing you with access to the most comprehensive and effective tools currently available anywhere. Our team pursues ongoing good health for all our patients through the extensive use of specialist diagnostic tools and techniques, employing advanced technologies that can guard you against medical problems in the first place and discover underlying causes that may have gone unnoticed before.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, so put your long-term health in professional hands today! Schedule your consultation at Medical Transformation Center in Louisville, KY, and discover how our enhanced diagnostics can help you.

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Promoting Full-Spectrum Wellness

Our innovative diagnostic procedures and technologies are specially designed to improve your medical outcomes by searching for possible indicators of ill health before they would ordinarily be noticeable or when they are already manifesting but difficult to pinpoint. By identifying unique indicators in your health profile, our expert medical team is able to provide superior early warnings of potential problems and can allow for a more effective array of treatments to be deployed. In many cases, the advanced diagnostics we use at Medical Transformation Center can significantly improve wellness outcomes for you.

What Kind of Diagnostics Are in MTC’s Toolbox?

Your work with us may include:

  • Advanced lipid particle testing
  • Detailed hormone assessment
  • Extensive micro and macro nutrient evaluation
  • In-depth thyroid panel
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Genetic analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • Evaluation of epigenetic factors
  • Genomic expression testing
  • Endothelial dysfunction assessment
  • Environmental toxicity evaluation
  • Blood-based cancer screening
  • Food sensitivities test
  • Microbiome assessment
  • Gut permeability measures
  • Underlying infection screenings
  • Cognition screening
  • Plus a variety of other testing that we can apply if relevant to your unique situation!

By completing diagnostic tests, we can make the proper medical recommendations to help you be and feel your healthiest again. Many of our most common assessments can also be carried out in our in-house lab
during your visits.

How Our Diagnostics Can Change Your Life

Let’s see how Medical Transformation Center’s knowledge and use of advanced, innovative diagnostics transformed one patient’s health…

Keeping You Well

To secure a healthy tomorrow, contact us and schedule your professional consultation at Medical Transformation Center in Louisville, Kentucky, today!

Best Doctor

"I am 32, I was a patient of Carl Paige most of my adolescence. He was even my children's doctor when born. If there was a human I wished lived forever. It would be him for sure, he is so great and caring. I wish he was still in family medicine, but also happy that this man has calmed his practice down. He was a very busy man, in some offices that he was in. It was almost impossible to get in to see him, because he was so busy. No other doctor measures up in my eyes."

Casandra Perkinson