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When combined with epigenetics and lifestyle factors, genomic testing can become a very powerful tool in creating optimal health.

What Is It?

Genomics is the study of chromosomes, genes, and their functions. Genomic testing can be exceptionally valuable in helping to identify the risk of developing common diseases and abnormalities in a straightforward and scientifically advanced way. When taken into account with your current epigenetic state, it can be used to predict, prevent, and manage disease. By using genomic testing, we can better understand why you might develop certain problems and react adversely to environmental factors, or even medications. Importantly, genome testing allows for a non-invasive, pain-free discovery mechanism for certain disease risk factors. Depending on your individualized results, a screening regimen can be established to enable you to catch and treat potentially serious health conditions before they have shown any external symptoms.

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What Are the Benefits of Genomic Testing?

Results can help doctors make recommendations for treatment or monitoring, and give you more information for making decisions about your personal, and your family’s, health. This can allow you to take steps to lower your chance of developing a disease. With these findings, you could be screened earlier and more frequently for the disease and could make preventative changes in health habits like diet and exercise. With similar additional testing options such as Genomic-Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), information matching is one technique we use to pair your results with appropriate treatment plans.

In summary, genomics can play a critical role in personalized cellular and regenerative medicine by helping to:

  • Improve the diagnosis of disease
  • Identify predisposition to disease
  • Develop treatments tailored to your genetic characteristics
  • Monitor the impact of lifestyle and epigenetics on health

If you are interested in what genomic testing in Louisville can potentially provide you, get in touch with us here at the Medical Transformation Center to learn more. Contact us and schedule your consultation!

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